Ian grew up in Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania and now lives in Doylestown with his wife and children. A graduate of Neshaminy High School, Ian also graduates with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University. Engineering is very relevant in my role as a General Contractor. The engineering curriculum teaches you how to be a problem solver. Working in the construction trades, I learned early on that you are constantly working on and solving peoples problems.

I began my construction career in 1999 when I started a real estate investment business buying and selling rehabbed houses. In 2005, I created the contracting business as a supplement to the real estate investment company. During this time, I have worked on many properties that were absolute nightmares, so I have seen and fixed just about every type of real estate issue.


Founded in 2005 by Ian Cooper, SNEW, Inc. is a residential remodeling company specializing in kitchens, baths, custom carpentry and tile. They have built their reputation through word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers.

We are different from most remodeling companies because we take the appropriate amount of time working with customers to figure out exactly what their needs are. Our focus is to maintain open and informative communication with the customer from design all the way through project completion.

What is SNEW? That is a question that I get daily. On a regular basis, someone will yell, “Hey, What’s SNEW?”  To explain the name, let me give you a little background first. I started in construction by buying, fixing and selling distressed real estate in 1999.  I was buying only the worst properties, the ones that nobody else wanted. In 2005, I decided to form a construction company and I needed a name. Since we only bought properties that fit our “Stuff Nobody Else Wants” profile, the name SNEW, Inc. was a natural.

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